Vegan fried 'tuna' melt buns

With chickpeas, nori and dill

Serves 2

60 minutes

fryer 170 ‘C


As you might have noticed by now from the pictures on our post, things can get a little messy in our kitchen! We actually quite love that, and also want to give you a real impression of what’s happening inside the kitchen. And who cares?! The chef’s kingdom is not built to always stay clean! Sometimes you need a little messy mess. Because who knows which incredible things might arise… from that mess! Embrace that thought and get ready to rumble! Take for example this vegan fried tuna sandwich, which did arise from quite some mess, but is god damn tasty!



1 tin chickpeas 400 g

1 nori sheet

2 spring onions

1 tomato

3 radishes

Some dill

Juice of a lemon

3 pickles

3 tablespoons of vegan mayo



2 buns


2 tablespoons of vegan mayo




1 egg



Vegan fried Tuna Melt buns


To a food processor or blender add all the tuna ingredients with some additional pepper and salt. Before adding the chickpeas make sure to rinse them properly. Now blend until all flavors are smoothly combined. This might take a little effort and you probably have to mix a few times in between with a spoon in order to continue blending. Transfer the tuna to a large mixing ball and let it rest for a few minutes. Meanwhile you reorganize the kitchen and get yourself a large work shelf. Now comes to shaping part so be creative and do as you like! We went for quenelles. To do so, use two spoons of the same size. Choke up on the spoon, (grasping it near the bowl gives you more control) and hold it with the rounded side angled down. In a single motion, drag the spoon through the tuna toward the near edge of the container so it curls over itself to form the quenelle.

Once you’re finished with the quenelles, set aside, and let them rest for ideally 2 hours in the freezer until they have completely frozen. This will determine the quality of your fried tuna. Meanwhile preheat a deep fryer or a pan filled with sunflower oil to 170 ‘C. For breading use three different plates filled with flour, a beaten egg and panko. After two hours take out the quenelles and start crumbling.

Flour — > egg — > panko — > fry for 5/6 minutes.

Toast the buns and fill up with some lime mayo, lettuce and tomato and finish with the fried vegan tuna. Enjoy!