Lemon Butter Beans with Za'atar and Sumac

Lemon Butter Beans

with Za'atar and Sumac

Serves 4

20 minutes

Super easy

This quick summer dish is perfect for every day of the week, or as a side salad along your dinner. I find the butter beans super tasteful and they don’t need much more other than a bit of good olive oil and some freshness of a lemon. Instead of Butter beans, Lima beans or white beans would work perfectly fine too. To complete the meal add some veggies to the dish. I chose courgette and tomatoes, but any fresh products, like for example fennel, pomegranate, or peppers will be fantastic! Try your Middle-Eastern / Asian supermarket to find Za’atar and Sumac.


3 or 4 cloves of garlic

2 courgettes

2 cans of Butter beans (2 x 400 g)

2 tablespoons Za’atar

2 lemons

Good quality extra virgin olive oil

A bunch of fresh parsley

500 gr cherry tomatoes

1 tablespoon Sumac

Salt and pepper

Lemon Butter Beans with Za'atar and Sumac


Preheat a pan over medium-high heat. Chop up your garlic and courgette and fry in some olive oil until the courgette is nice and caramelized. Add some salt and pepper for seasoning.

Drain and rinse the Butter beans, then add to the pan. Grate the zest of the lemon and add to the pan together with the Za’atar. Cook for a minute or 2 until everything is nice and hot, then turn off the heat. Slice up your tomatoes in half, then add to the pan accompanied with a good glug of extra vergin olive oil. Season everything with salt, pepper and some lemon juice. Finally chop up some fresh parsley and mix through. Right before serving, sprinkle over the Sumac.

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