Jazztronomy 'Best Place' Pita

Jazztronomy 'Best Place' Pita

Sticky Tempeh, Curtido, Yoghurt, mint & sumac sauce

Serves 300

1440 minutes

Oven 270 'C

Pretty hard work

In case you wondering what to create for 300 hungry people who just finished their Sunday morning workout and in need to get some proper lunch treat. We got you covered, you can never go wrong with some richly filled colorful pita’s. Here we go.


300 good quality pita’s



9 kg white cabbage

3 kg carrots 

750 gr red onions

9 cloves garlic

500 gr green chilis

40 gr oregano

2% Non-iodized salt



16 kg tempeh

1000 ml agave syrup

1000 ml soy sauce

1500 ml neutral tasting oil

35 tbs smoked paprika powder

35 tbs garlic powder

35 tbs ground cumin

35 tbs tomato puree

10 tbs cinnamon

5 tbs turmeric

salt and pepper, to taste


Yoghurt and mint sauce:

3 L soy milk

6 L sunflower oil

8 tbs mustard

30 limes (zest and juice)

6 L yoghurt

4 large bunches of mint leaves

4 bulbs garlic

60 gr sumac

pepper and salt



15 kg cooked beetroots

2 L extra virgin olive oil

600 ml balsamic vinegar

150 gr za’atar 

pepper and salt


Herb salad:

20 cucumbers

5250 gr tomato

10 bunches of parsley

10 red onions

1,5 kg radish

Oil, salt, pepper and vinegar



20 heads of lettuce

3,5 kg feta cheese, crumbled


Jazztronomy 'Best Place' Pita


Start with the curtido. Slice the cabbage, carrots and red onions thinly on a mandoline and place in a fermentation bucket. Blend a paste out of the garlic, chilis and oregano and add to the rest of the ingredients. Calculate 2% of the total weight and add that amount of salt. Then start needing everything really well until the cabbage starts to release its moist. Cover everything with some parchment paper and then close the bucket with a lid (preferably with and airlock). Let it ferment for 1 week. If you want to skip the fermentation, just add a neutral vinegar until the curtido has a nice acidity level.

For the tempeh. Bang together all the marinade ingredients to create that deep and meaty flavor. Thinly slice the tempeh and shallow fry both sides for about 3 min. Mix well with the marinade and let it rest for at least 30 min. To get maximum taste.

For the sauce, blend together the soy milk with the garlic, mustard lime juice and zest, mint leaves. Use a stick blender to emulsify the sauce by slowly adding the sunflower oil. When you have a thick consistency, mix in the yoghurt, sumac and season with salt and pepper. 

Slice the beetroot in chunk size pieces and mix well with the marinade. Check the ingredients and proportions in the list.

For the vegs, roughly chop up some cucumber, tomatoes, union and radish. Make sure you remove the seeds and juices to prevent them become soggy. Add some finely chopped parsley, drizzly over some good quality olive oil, pepper and salt.

Now it’s time for serving. Heat up the pita and the (pizza) oven. Cut the pita half open. Start with the yogurt sauce and don’t be thrifty (you got 15 liters). Bang in some tempeh followed bij the curtido and a small handful of lettuce. To get some color and instagram likes. Top off with the vegs, beetroot and feta. Finely, some sriracha and you’re good to go.
Check out the pictures from our latest foodtruck event. Thanks to Levi for this opportunity. We had lots of fun!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!